What’s New Wednesday: Students Serving Seniors

Union University students are making bookmarks with residents at Alexandria Place Senior Living.

“We will bring games, stories, and Bibles. We study with them, pray with them, and give them little gifts,” said Chasity Baker, freshman at Union University.

“We want them to know there is somebody out there who cares for them all in the name of Jesus,” said Baker.

Sophomore Lacey Purchot is the President of the volunteer organization, “Students Serving Seniors.”

“Hearing their stories, it’s very inspiring to me,” said Purchot.

“It’s a feeling of being able to travel back in time. Some of them ave memory loss and we want to bring a Christian atmosphere and the Gospel of the Lord before they meet the Lord,” said Baker.

Purchot and her friend started the group with hopes to work in elderly care someday.

“My grandpa is such an amazing and inspiring person in my life. A lot of people don’t have family close by, so they are very lonely and we want to make sure they are not forgotten,” said Purchot.

With the help of volunteers, the elderly residents do not feel forgotten and instead they feel love and companionship.

“It’s nice to have friends. These girls have meant so much to us,” said Alexandria Place resident, Francis.

“We want them to know that somebody cares for you and God cares for you,” said Baker.

If you would like to volunteer, contact Students Serving Seniors (S3) on their Facebook page.

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