Toyota Bodine receives $50.1 million investment, expands workforce

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — One company is making a major investment in the Hub City.

“This new investment of 50.1 million dollars will provide a building expansion that’s 15% larger and 65,000 square feet under roof, as well as additional high-tech manufacturing equipment that will double our plant’s capacity,” said Toyota Bodine President Wes Woods.

Not only that, the company is expanding their workforce.

“They told us today they need 30 highly trained people to take positions that are going to pay very well,” said Kyle Spurgeon, the president and CEO of the Jackson Chamber.

This will transition Toyota into the electric vehicle market.

“Prepares us for the changing market, which is switching away from traditional internal combustion engines to electrified options,” said Shawn Daly, the general manager and plant manager at Toyota Bodine.

As soon as visitors enter Toyota Bodine, they will see multiple trophies lining the walls. These are testaments to the employees who work there and part of the reason they decided to expand.

“Our folks really do have that attention to detail and that commitment to continuous improvement that we call “Kaizen” at Toyota that makes all the difference,” Daly said.

The Jackson Chamber plans to work with them the whole way.

“We look forward to working with Toyota to make sure this investment comes in on time and under budget, and that we help them find the thirty people they need to produce these products that this investment signifies,”Spurgeon said.

This investment in the Jackson plant is a part of a 750 million dollar investment at five U.S. plants that will bring nearly 600 jobs across the country.

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