Video shows fight that police say led to Martin shooting

MARTIN, Tenn. — Video shows a fight happening outside the Slide & Ride Saloon in Martin early Sunday morning.

An officer with the Martin Police Department was patrolling different spots for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

“He’s in the front of the parking lot at North Lindell Street, which is a public parking area, but it’s in front of the Slide & Ride,” Assistant Police Chief Phillip Fuqua said.

Fuqua says early Sunday morning there were hundreds of people between the parking lot and inside the club.

“All of a sudden he hears shots. It was pretty much a scene of chaos for a few minutes,” Fuqua said.

One of the doors at Slide & Ride is boarded up after bullets went through it, shattering the glass. Several cars were hit as well.

Fuqua says officers recovered nine shell casings from the scene.

The fight from earlier in the evening is what police say led to the shooting.

“We do have some leads we’re working on, and our entire criminal investigative division, that’s their main focus today,” Fuqua said.

He says they will continue to interview people and will hopefully have a suspect soon.

Police say if you have any information to call them at 731-587-5355, and you can be anonymous.

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