Wedding bells ring with spring, businesses give advice for planning ceremonies

BELLS, Tenn. — “This is when we start getting busy,” said Vows Weddings and Events planner, Linn Ash Isbell.

Blushing bride Chelsea Brunner is making sure to plan her wedding far in advance.

“Start early, that has worked very well for me” said bride-to-be Chelsea Brunner.

Lucky for her wedding planner, Linn Ash Isbell from Vows Weddings and Events in Bells said West Tennessee is one of the few places for affordable weddings.

“The average wedding in the area ranges to be about $24,000,” Isbell said.

That price includes some of the most inexpensive items like flowers and music. The most expensive item is, of course, the wedding dress.

“Starting at about $1,000 on up to five, six, I mean they can go on up there depending on how elaborate you wanted to go,” Isbell said.

However, Brunner’s dress is actually not the most expensive thing she is spending money on.

“When it’s all said and done, it would be the venue, but that’s what I expected, but it was actually a lot less than I expected it to be,” Brunner said.

This wedding venue, called the Cumberland House, can range from $500 to $3,500 during wedding season.

When calculating the expense, couples can’t forget the wedding planner.

“I have never known a bride to be sad that she had a wedding planner,” said Cumberland House owner Kathi Leatherwood.

Brunner said she is counting down the days until her big day.

“I never really dreamed that my wedding would be in a place like this, but my sister sent me a link to it and it was just gorgeous,” Brunner said.

For more information on these wedding places click here for Vows Weddings and Events and here for Cumberland House.

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