CMT’s ‘Empowering Education’ tour comes to Jackson State Community College

EAST JACKSON, Tenn. — “Tonight is about information, but it’s also about inspiration,” said Jackson State Community College President Dr. Allana Hamilton.

Thursday night, Jackson State Community College hosted Country Music Television’s “CMT Empowering Education” tour.

The tour made stops at four community colleges throughout the state.

Dr. Allana Hamilton says the purpose of the event is to help bring awareness to the educational opportunities available to Tennessee residents.

“There are a lot of students that are non-traditional that don’t know that they can go to school and get their tuition paid for,” student Randy Smith said.

Smith is a non-traditional student, who was able to get his education with the help of Tennessee Reconnect.

“There’s always a chance to better yourself,” Smith said. “Take it when you can.”

CMT’s feature performer, Courtney Cole, says she’s living out her dream by using her platform with music to inspire others to further their education.

“Doing what you want, believing in yourself, having a dream is scary, and I think a lot of people who come to these events are ready to take that next step,” Cole said.

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