Jackson Symphony’s 2nd to last performance of season

JACKSON, Tenn– It’s a smaller version of the Jackson Symphony Orchestra than most are used to seeing and still with three, the music from their instruments carry a big sound and crowd.

“We have a packed out crowd here today as well, but we’re in St. Luke’s. We’re bringing it all the way down, to our chamber music series,” said Peter Shannon, Artist Director and Conductor of the Jackson Symphony.

Shannon said the full orchestra played just the day before, Sunday the orchestra toned things down with a more intimate setting.

“This small group, the chamber music concert, is between viola and clarinet, and that parring is also husband and wife,” said Shannon.

“They are going to play a selection of German music from Mozart, beautiful Mozart music, and also Schuman, one of my favorite composers,” said Shannon.

“The musicians of the Jackson Symphony Orchestra get to know the audience and the audience gets to know them, and how brilliant they are individually not only collectively as a great orchestra,” said Shannon.

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