Early voting for Jackson city election begins

JACKSON, Tenn.–Many people in Jackson turned out for the first day of early voting in the 2019 city election.

Some voters feel that it’s better to go vote early.

“It’s more convenient and the lines are short. I wanted to get it out of the way. It’s very important to vote, and I’m right across the street so I just walked over here to vote,” said Donzell Strong, an early voter.

“I thought I would come out and get it done and I wouldn’t have to worry about it later,” said Murphy McKinney, also an early voter.

Some want to see changes.

“I have always been a voter, and I just moved here last year, and so I want to see this city grow,” said Jessie Forrester, another early voter.

And of course, they all wanted to make their voices heard.

“Typically, local elections have poor voter turnout for people under 55, and local elections matter. We can tell the people we put in office they effect our lives every day, more so than federal elections. I wanted to bring my son to show him how important it is to be active in your community and that your vote matters,” said Summer Paris, who decided to cast her ballot early.

Early voting runs from April 17 to May 2, so don’t worry if you missed the first day. You still have time.

Election day is May 7th.

Here is the sample ballot:

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