What’s New Wednesday: Sarge’s Chow Hall

Rebecca Dyal grew up waiting tables. She says serving veterans is what is most memorable.

“Both of my grandpas were in World War II,” said Dyal.

Dyal opened Sarge’s Chow Hall in Mckenzie.

“The patriotism, I kind of feel like it’s lost anymore. This provides a safe haven to share each other’s stories,” said Dyal.

“What I like about it is there is a lot of camaraderie here,” said 72-year-old veteran George Howton.

Joe Ridley known as “Mr. Joe” is already a regular at the new restaurant. His wife sent him a picture while he was serving in South Korea. Mr. Joe’s wife passed away in Octobe 2018. He has kept that photo in his wallet for more than 60 years and now it has it’s own place on the wall at Sarge’s Chow Hall.

Sarge’s Chow Hall is a welcoming restaurant that’s not just about good food, but stories that fill your soul.

“I might feed their bellies, but they definitely feed my spirits,” said Dyal.

Sarge’s Chow Hall is located at 62 Waldren Street in Mckenzie, Tennessee. The menu items are named after World War II terms and traditional chow hall dishes.


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