What’s New Wednesday: Rolling Hills Miniature Golf

Audie Ruble made a $7 bet in Fantasy Football.

“And I seen one zero, zero, I see several zeroes,” said Audie.

Turns out it was six zeroes! He won $1 million.

“Unreal. I can’t believe this is actually happening,” said Audie.

His wife couldn’t believe it either!

“Shock and shock and then there was more shock,” says Bobbie Ruble.

“I was already retired and now I’m re-retired,” laughs Audie.

They didn’t go to the Bahamas, nor buy a new house.

“We really wanted to do something to give back to our community,” said Bobbie.

Instead, they opened Rolling Hills Miniature Golf Course in their small hometown of Gleason.

“I love it here. This is home,” said Bobbie.

The course is also handicap accessible. They built it in honor of their niece, Tabita Gearin, so anyone in a wheelchair can play.

“Right before we opened up, we lost Tabitha to pneumonia. She never got to play, but we know she has the greatest golf course on the planet,” says Bobbie.

Rolling Hills Miniature Golf is located at 4583 Highway 22 in Gleason, Tennessee. They plan to expand the course and it will include go-karts and a waterpark.

Audie and Bobbie say they met on MySpace. Audie proposed when he met Bobbie for the first time at the airport. They’ve have been married 13 years with 3 children.

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