Local colleges and universities see decrease in crime on campus

JACKSON, Tenn. — According to yourlocalsecurity.com, the University of Tennessee at Martin is the safest college campus in the state of Tennessee.

“Our officers are doing an excellent job on their patrols,” said Chad Worley of the UTM Office of Public Safety.

Other colleges and universities in Tennessee have seen decreases in their crime rate from 2017 to 2018, according to a report by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Lane College’s Vice President for institutional advancement and Chief of Staff Darlette Samuels said their numbers have also declined.

“We are very pleased with the report that was recently released,” said Darlette Samuels, Lane College’s Vice President for Institutional Advancement and Chief of Staff.

“We’ve actually added a 5-layer of security here at the college campus, which is more on a student level,” said Chief Steaven Joy, Director of Campus Safety and Security of Lane College.

Chief Joy said there’s an app for students to report crime.

It’s called “Live Safe.” Students can report crime to local authorities on campus via photo, video and description.

“We want you to feel safe when you come to lane college campus,” Chief Joy said.

Since using the security plan, Chief Joy said the number of burglaries and thefts at Lane have decreased.

According to the report, crime has also gone down at UT Martin.

“People who work here, people who attend here, they do a great job of what they’re supposed to do, looking out for each other,” Worley said.

Meanwhile, WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News reached out to Union University, who questioned the accuracy of the report.

They said due to errors in reporting by the TBI, they are talking with them to have corrections made.

Communications Director for the TBI Josh Devine said the data in the report is the data submitted by the law enforcement agencies from Union University.

But Devine said if any data needs to be updated to send them to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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