Second Chance Halfway House helps former prisoners back into society

JACKSON, Tenn. – One organization is helping people make the most of their second chances.

The Second Chance Halfway House provides residents with everything they need to start transitioning back to normal life. The house is for those recently leaving prison. Assistant at the Second Chance Halfway House, Harold Lewis Jr., spoke about some of the services it provides.

“It has helped people get online with regards to their medical, their dental, their livelihood, getting acquainted back in society, reconnecting family back with them,” said Lewis Jr.

The organization was founded by Jackson native Lamont Ingram. Harold Lewis Jr. says the house serves a vital purpose.

“One day they could become your neighbor. So we’re making sure they are prepared to come out and help their community,” said Lewis Jr.

The house makes sure that their residents are actively seeking a job and staying out of legal trouble. It also gives them a bed to sleep in and fresh meals. Current resident Matthew Jones spoke about the necessity of structure.

“They need structure. You just can’t release a man after 10, 15, 20 years of prison, and release him out on the street and expect him to do right,” said Jones.

Current residents say that with the help of the organization, they are very close to getting back into regular society.

“I’m very close, thanks to this place and thanks to the people here,” said resident Ernest Twaite.

“My life has been back on track since I’ve been here. I’ve opened up a bank account, working on getting my driver’s license, a place to stay in apartments…so things are moving along,” said Matthew Jones.

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