Partly Cloudy And Pleasant Today

Weather Update Monday, May 6 —

Good Morning West Tennessee, its been a chilly start to the morning with temperatures falling into the upper 40s. In addition, its quite wet this morning as well. Although it has not rained at all!
It’s dew, lots of it!  There may be some patchy fog this morning as well. Essentially, the atmosphere this morning cooled to the point it cannot physically hold any more water. The rest of that water vapor will condense in to water droplets, or cloud droplets. Otherwise, once the sun comes over the horizon the temperature will rise quick through the 50s and 60s, the dew and fog should burn off pretty quick.  There is a weakening complex or mesoscale convective vortex in northern Arkansas. Most short-ranged guidance dissipate this complex, but the clouds will move overhead through late morning and early noon.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Instagram: @moeshamelltv


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