Carroll County family seeks answers for deceased loved one

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — “We’re just wanting to know what happened to him,” said Jennifer Hampton, sister-in-law of Steven Hampton.

Investigators say 38-year-old Steven Hampton was found dead in a ditch on Ball Creek Road in Carroll County in March of 2018. His sister-in-law, Jennifer, said his death is still a mystery.

“We have called and talked to TBI, and they have said that they have not found anything,” Hampton said.

Hampton said after receiving the autopsy report a few months ago, it tells a strange story.

“Sharp and blunt force injuries,” Hampton said.

She said Carroll County officers speculated that Steven went through a window and suffered a deep cut and lacerations.

“So this is the window that they said that he fell out of, and then went all the way around the house back through that front door and come back in again,” Hampton said.

“There was boo cootles of blood here, and he went to here, down there to the creek, and there is no way that he would make it down there to that creek with that much blood loss,” Hampton said.

Hampton said Carroll County investigators told her that Steven may have been fixing the ceiling fan.

“You see where the ceiling fan is and a chair right here to fix the ceiling fan, uh uh, it ain’t adding up,” Hampton said.

She said for Steven’s family, all they want is answers.

“Steven was a very quiet person. You know, he loved to help everybody he could possibly help,” Jennifer said.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says the investigation into Steven’s death remains open.

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