JMCSS Board opens application process for new interim superintendent

JACKSON, Tenn. — “The meeting went well tonight, and I expected it to,” JMCSS Chairman Kevin Alexander said.

Some Jackson-Madison County board members anticipate long meetings, but Thursday night, members got in and out.

One school teacher who attended the meeting agrees.

“Kind of surprised about how well it did go, they seemed to be unified tonight,” said Earline Price, a teacher at Thelma Barker Elementary School.

On Thursday’s agenda, board members would decide on dates for a short-term superintendent before the departure of Dr. Eric Jones.

In a unanimous vote, they agreed on dates for applicants to apply for the position.

“They can apply between May 10 and May 20,” Alexander said. “On May 23, we are going to plan to meet again, just the board, and discuss the resumes and pick two.”

As far as a decision for a long-term superintendent, the board will plan for it further down the line.

“The short-term would begin on July 1, and we probably wouldn’t begin discussing the search for the long-term superintendent until afterwards,” Alexander said.

But one thing the board did plan on is working together. “Working on reconciliation and I think the first part of that, and just as I said have a meal together,” Alexander said.

Applications can be found at the Jackson-Madison County School Board website.

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