Showers Early, Then Some Filtered PM Sun

Weather Update Thursday, May 9 —

Scattered Showers will continue this morning as a prefrontal trough continues shifting east from the Mississippi river this morning.  At the surface temperatures started off this morning in the upper 60s and dew point temperatures in the mid 60s. It’s been a bit breezy as well behind the initial wave that pushed through last night. Ultimately it did not produce much for West Tennessee, and now the second wave is also not doing much here locally. Showers will continue through at least midday around 11:00 AM. From there a dry slot and weakening low level jet should shut off the faucet for a little while.  Meanwhile, the main/parent trough will continue slowly shifting east from the Central Plains into the Mississippi River Valley. Along the trough and cold front, there is another weak shortwave rounding the trough that will arrive and increase shear aloft through this afternoon… If the shear, coupled with a unstable atmosphere are able to recover from this morning’s rain. There could be a few storms pop ahead of the main cold front as it arrives by early evening. Our track record this year has been terrible in being able to recover though.  Keeping that in mind. I’ll be watch the real atmosphere and monitor trends. I’ll be doing cut-ins throughout the morning with radar updates on the latest all morning.

Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
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