Students become teachers at Chester Co. 4-H Ag Day

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — “We just want to encourage them, keep agriculture going and keep it controlled,” Tyler Pierce, a 4-H student, said.

Chester County Middle and Junior High School students left the classroom Tuesday for the second 4-H Ag Day.

“We had teachers say last year it was the best field trip they had been on in years,” Steve Rickman, UT Extension agent for Chester County, said. “They only travel a mile to get here.”

Students rotated between six stations, learning about different crops, animals and machines. The 4-H students took on the teaching role.

Emily Weekley was showing off her miniature horse, Oreo.

“We’re showing them how to feed them, we’re showing them everything about them, so if they want to get interested in them they could,” Weekley said.

Tyler Pierce brought his two cows, Hope and Ruby.

“They’re learning about everyday life and how it works and just kind of around their natural habitat and not to be scared of these animals when they see them,” Pierce said.

Students also learned about bees and chickens as well as different types of farming.

“Sometimes we assume that these kids know about agriculture, they don’t,” Rickman said. “We go in and teach them through our 4-H lessons a lot of things about agriculture, but this is all hands-on.”

By the end of the day, more than 1,100 students will have been at 4-H Ag Day getting some real hands-on experience.

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