Churches partner with Tyson, regional food bank to feed community

NEWBERN, Tenn. — A partnership between a business, Regional Food Bank and area churches sparks a new initiative to feed an area community.

“We’re going to feed maybe 500 people today,” said Rita Jackson, one of the food bank’s volunteers. “There’s going to be all kinds of food.”

Monday’s food bank at Oakview Park in Newbern is part of a new initiative to feed Dyer County’s residents in need.

“The area around here is considered a desert location, because there’s not many food banks or food pantries available to feed people who are in need,” said Kate Nicholas, another volunteer. “Mid-South Food Bank reached out, along with Tyson, to set up a mobile food pantry for people who might not be able to drive long distances. They just pull up in their car, fill out an application, and then they get their box of food.”

Volunteers pack the boxes full of food with everything from produce to meat.

One resident came as early at 6:30 in the morning to make sure they get basic needs that can be difficult to access.

“I’m glad and very thankful they have programs like this, because if it wasn’t for programs like this, disabled and low-income families like myself would not be able to make it through the month a lot of the times. So it helps more than people realize,” resident June Seiber said.

“It is really a privilege and honor to be able to partner with the entities that have the actual supplies and to actually utilize us as a church, to be able to service the community, because we are the hands, feet and eyes of Jesus Christ,” said Bishop Bobby Nesbit of Word of Faith Church.

Residents are grateful for the new initiative.

“People that do come to these food banks like me are more than grateful,” Seiber said.

For more information on the food bank, visit the United Covenant Fellowship’s Facebook page.

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