Students spotlight water conservation with video PSAs

JACKSON, Tenn.–Students at one local school are raising awareness about water conservation and personally invited WBBJ 7 Eyewitness News to help send out their messages.

Videos created by third grade students at Thelma Barker Elementary School were part of the school’s Public Service Announcement Live Launch Party on Tuesday.

The videos were a way for students to emphasize the lack of access to clean water some areas may have and how much water tends to be wasted.

Teacher Starla Scott says it’s a great way for her students to become advocates for the cause.

“They are advocates for water conservation and they hope that we can raise money and get people the water that they need,” Scott said. “One interesting thing that we learned is that on Earth, there’s only one well, if you think about it. All the water on Earth is connected. So what we do here makes a difference in other places where access is limited.”

Scott says what you do here in Jackson can impact other areas across the world, so it’s important to take up better water conservation habits and to be aware of places around the world who need help access clean water.

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