First Lady Maria Lee makes visit in Adamsville

ADAMSVILLE, Tenn.– “It’s really a part of who I am. It’s where my heart is. I grew up watching my parents serve in different ways. We didn’t have a lot growing up but wherever they could help serve, they did,” Tennessee First Lady Maria Lee said.

Her parents’ service inspired the Tennessee Serves initiative, which aims to helps others across the state.

Her goal is to encourage volunteering in communities statewide.

“We’re focusing on getting meals out to homebound seniors, and part of our initiative is to focus on distressed counties. That’s partly why we’re here today as a special focus on McNairy County,” First Lady Lee said.

Staff at the Adamsville Senior Citizens Center felt the excitement of her visit.

“It’s wonderful! I’m proud that she’s here, and we always love to have people come into our center. I feel that it’s a privilege for her to go with me to deliver meals today,” said Sue Smith, the on-site nutrition manager for the center.

Lee and other volunteers worked with Adamsville Senior Citizens Center staff to make meal deliveries across town.

But those deliveries are more than just a meal.

“Most of them, I step inside the home and they like for you to talk to them because sometimes that’s the only person they see all day,” Smith said.

“Until you actually get out and serve, it’s hard to describe the feeling you get and the reward that you get from serving, but it’s been s joy and a pleasure,” First Lady Lee said.

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