Inaugural Miss Tennessee Volunteer 2018 crowned

JACKSON, Tenn. – Christine Williamson was crowned as the first ever Miss Tennessee Volunteer. Williamson was the 66th Miss Tennessee winner under the Miss America organization. When the groups split, she chose to cut ties with the national organization, and stay with the Miss Tennessee Volunteer group.

She says her decision didn’t come without stress.

“Today felt like a huge release. Everybody kept asking me ‘Why haven’t you cried yet?’ So that finally happened today,” said Williamson.

The coronation is another step in making the Miss Tennessee Volunteer group the premier pageant organization. While the events of the past few months were mentioned at the ceremony, many with the group were focused on today’s meaning.

“It’s about celebrating today, and the excitement here for this program that has had such a long rich history here in the city of Jackson,” said Executive Director of the pageant, Allison DeMarcus.

“I was in Atlantic City competing in the national pageant, and ‘Going Back to Jackson’ was playing, so it does feel really good to get to come back home to Jackson,” said Williamson.

For Williamson, this new era doesn’t mean she’ll stop being a role model.

“The school tours, the hospital visits, and of course I’m going to be volunteering with all those organizations, whether it’s Miss Tennessee Volunteer…that’s not going to change,” said Williamson.

“Christine has really welcomed everyone into her life whose from here in Jackson. She has embraced this community, she has really done a lot to promote our program,” said DeMarcus.

The next event for the Miss Tennessee Volunteer Scholarship Pageant will be June 16th at Old Hickory Mall, where all the contestants in this year’s pageant will be available for autographs.

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