Jackson High School reunion brings hundreds to East Jackson

EAST JACKSON, Tenn. – The auditorium of the Madison Academic High School filled up this afternoon. Inside were hundreds of people with the same connection–they were all students at Jackson High School.

“There were 41 classes that graduated from Jackson High School, and everyone who ever went to Jackson High School is invited to this reunion,” said Chairman of the All-School Reunion, Mimi Allen.

Allen estimated there were around 400 people at today’s event, with classes ranging from the late 1940s to the late 1960s.

“I’ve gotten to know people from every class which I wouldn’t have known. They weren’t in school when I was in school, they didn’t know me and I didn’t know them, but now I know people from every class.

The attendees reminisced on their high school days and their memories of Jackson. Members of the Jackson-based acapella group “The Fabulous Delacardos” also attended, such as Class of 1964 grad Steve Little.

“I don’t usually go to class reunions for some reason, I don’t know why. But today I came to this one and it’s been fun to see some old friends and people that I haven’t seen in a long long time,” said Little.

For many, their days at Jackson High School were even more fun looking back.

“Carl Perkins and Sonny Boy Williamson and all these people. It really is amazing and I feel like I’m a part of that for some reason, I do,” said Little.

“As long as this building is here and we can keep having this, we’re going to. We invite everybody who ever went to Jackson High School to come and join us,” said Allen.

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