Twenty-five children receive new beds from local business

JACKSON, Tenn. – On Saturday, children got a special gift from a local business.

The children present thought it was a regular day at the ball park, but what they didn’t know is that a big surprise awaited them.
Twenty-five kids received a new bed. The Jackson Generals along with Ashley Homestore partnered up to make this special moment happen.

“The idea that there are children out there who don’t get a good night sleep because they are sleeping on the floor or they are sharing a bed with their sibling, to see the looks on their faces is the most rewarding thing ever,” said Chief Sales Officer, Arnie Capitanelli.

For many children this will be the first time they’ve had a bed of their own.

“Whenever I am at my grandma’s house, we have to sleep in her bed and my brother has to sleep on the floor in his sleeping bag so it feels good to get a new bed,” said recipient, Shelby Bisher.

Mike Webber’s kids also received their new beds.

“I feel grateful, very grateful. I feel like there’s hope for the ones that don’t have and now they do have,” said Webber.

“For these kids here, it’s their first time having a bed and it’s nice to be a part of it,” said Pitcher Coach, Doug Drabek.

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