Humboldt welcomes first ordained female pastor

HUMBOLDT, Tenn– It was no ordinary day for a small church in Gibson County, as one church member is ordained as the first female pastor in Humboldt.

“I do hereby ordain you to the position of pastor for the Tree of Life Healing and Deliverance Ministries Inc.,” said Apostle Timothy Adams.

“I never would have thought, little old Humboldt Tennessee,” Pastor Hurt said.

“When I found out I was like oh my God, you know because it’s like when God chose you to do something, it’s different when you’re called and when you’re chosen,” said Hurt.

Pastor Hurt’s ordainment is celebrated with performances by the praise ministry.

“That speaks volumes, that’s just a blessing from God,” said Hurt.

“And I pray to God, seeing that I am the first, that a lot more will be elevated, elevated so they can go the same way, that God has chosen me to go,” said Hurt.

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