FHU’s Mid-South Youth Camp celebrates campers

CHESTER COUNTY, Tenn. — A bell ringing at Mid-South Youth Camp lets everyone know it’s time to start the day.

“It is my favorite place on earth,” Jessie Brewer, a camper, said.

Since 1963, Mid-South has been building relationships between campers, counselors and God.

“Mid-South Youth Camp, I can honestly say, is the only place I feel fulfilled,” Wes Magee, a camper, said.

This is Wes’ seventh summer as a camper and he sometimes comes multiple times during a summer. “I would say that this place is nothing without its people,” Magee said. “It’s really a family, and you get close with a lot of these people, and you never want to leave.”

Jessie Brewer has also been coming for seven summers, and Mid-South helps her step out of her comfort zone. “This is the only place that I will talk to people I do not know, ’cause they’re super-duper cool,” she said.

Wilson Miskelly and Rebecca Lawrence are the two head counselors at camp this summer.

“They [campers] can expect love and to be loved,” Miskelly said. “They can expect a family. A lot of people describe it as coming home, which I think a lot of our campers feel the same way.”

Lawrence didn’t grow up coming to MSYC but she said it stands out from the rest. “Out of all the camps I’ve been to growing up, I’ve never experienced a community like Mid-South,” she said.

This is the first week for camp with about 60 campers, but they can have more than 200.

“Our focus is solely on celebrating kids,” Miskelly said.

How do they celebrate them? By lifting them up in a basketball game — literally and spiritually.

“So they can dunk the ball in front of all their friends, especially the campers who don’t get celebrated a lot where they come from,” Miskelly said.

Lawrence says that once you’re a counselor, you’re always a counselor.

“There was one point where they were doing the Christmas Parade in Henderson, and I was standing in front of the Crews center at Freed-Hardeman University, and there was a little girl sitting in a bucket of a truck that fixes telephone polls,” Lawrence said. “She looks out in the crowd and says ‘Counselor Becca?’ and I was like ‘hey girl!'”

Campers and counselors will be there for the next eight weeks, with each week bringing a new group of campers and another chance to come home.

It’s not too late to register your camper for MSYC. For more information about Mid-South Youth Camp and to register, click here.

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