Cancer survivor gives back with ‘Queso for a Cause’ fundraiser

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local cancer survivor is helping give back to other cancer patients.

“1.7 million people will be diagnosed with cancer in the United States,” Alice and Carl Kirkland Cancer Center Executive Director Gina Myracle said.

For the month of June, cancer survivors around the country are being celebrated.

Many survivors in West Tennessee are treated at the Alice and Carl Kirkland Cancer Center.

The Kirkland Cancer Center has served over 6,000 patients since the last year. Now one of those patients wants to serve them.

Barry Nabours, owner of the newly opened Coyote Blues, is hosting a fundraiser for cancer patients. His wife helped come up with the idea.

“She said ‘Queso for a Cause,’ and I said, ‘alright, that’s got a good tone, a nice ring to it,'” Nabours said.

Nabours said the idea came following his own battle with squamous cell carcinoma in February.

“Fortunately, it was only in my lymph node. Everything else came back negative,” Nabours said.

Nabours partnered with the cancer center to raise money for others fighting cancer.

“He truly wants to give back to the community, so he just asked, ‘how can I do it?'” Myracle said.

“Without those people, I don’t know where Coyote Blues, if we would be open yet,” Nabours said.

Nabours hopes to sell enough queso to raise $5,000.

“I just knew that when I was there, that I was going to do something for them,” Nabours said.

For a chance to donate, head to Coyote Blues, located at 1430 Union University Drive.

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