Assisted living facility residents meet animals from Redemption Road Rescue

JACKSON, Tenn. — A few furry friends paid a visit Wednesday to an area assisted living facility.

“We’re just bringing out some of the animals we’ve rescued — some of them are recent rescues, like the alpaca, and some we’ve rescued over the years — so that the residents can spend time with them,” Redemption Road Rescue Director Lori Collins said.

Redemption Road Rescue visited residents of Brookdale Jackson Oaks assisted living facility with some special guests in tow.

“This is just the activity, the highlight of all activities really, for me,” resident Phyllis Sipes said. “We’ve got an alpaca, some miniature horses, a little bull, and it’s just so exciting. I love every minute of it.”

Volunteers brought in animals for the residents to socialize with.

“This is the alpaca’s first visit, and he sort of met up with me. I guess I like him best of all right now,” Sipes said.

Volunteers with Redemption Road say it’s all about the smiles and giving back to the community.

Sipes says she is an animal lover and that her favorite part of meeting the animals is petting them and talking to them.

Redemption Road Rescue takes animals to the facility every year.

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