What’s New Wednesday: The Dinner Table

“We painted it coral pink to kind of draw attention,” says Glenda Frazier.

You can’t miss the bright pink, yellow and turquoise colored building on 821 West Church Street in Lexington.

“The atmosphere here is really tremendous,” said Pastor David Beecham.

“My wife and I both like the atmosphere,” said customer, Chris Mahoney.

At The Dinner Table in Lexington, customers gather to break bread.

“The most special reason and the main reason we opened The Dinner Table is to honor God because so many people are taking Him out of things now,” said Glenda Frazier.

“We want them to feel love and the prescience of God when they come in to eat,” said owner of The Dinner Table, Troy Frazier.

Guests can eat plenty from hamburgers, chicken, fish to chocolate gravy-and you cant forget the desserts.

“You will enjoy the food, I guarantee you that,” said Pastor Beecham.

“It gives us a good feeling,” says Mahoney.