Jackson ranked 9th most affordable US city

JACKSON, Tenn. — A lot more people are now able to be “relaxin’ in Jackson.” A recent report from Business Insider using information from the Bureau of Economic Analysis shows Jackson as number nine out of the 15 most affordable U.S. cities.

“Knowing that Jackson, Tennessee, is one of the most affordable cities in the country is just phenomenal,” Jackson Chamber Communication Coordinator Julie Daniels said.

With the Hub City being right off Interstate 40 and in between major cities, it makes the city a prime location to live.

“Personally, I know people that have moved to Jackson because it is more affordable than larger cities,” Daniels said. “They do have larger families that live in larger cities in the states, and they found that this was a great place to be, economically and socially.”

In comparison to cities across the U.S., Jackson’s prices for goods and services rank 17.8% lower than the national average. Jackson Mayor Jerry Gist says it’s affordable thanks to the jobs and services it has to offer.

“Number one is the quality of life we have here,” Mayor Gist said. “The extent of city services, the health care, opportunities that are here, and also obviously the low cost of living.”

There has always been construction and development projects in the past, and Mayor Gist says it’s something they plan to continue.

Every planned expansion we have here means more jobs for individuals who want to come to Jackson, live in Jackson, be a part of our city,” Mayor Gist said. “There’s a lot of things here which involved the quality of life, and we’ll continue to build, and that’s why I think people choose Jackson.”

As one of the largest cities in West Tennessee, there are hopes for continuous growth. You can find more on the report here.

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