Superhero visits local library to promote reading

JACKSON, Tenn. — Since school is out for summer, many parents are looking for ways to keep their kids busy and their brains active. Some local children got a special reminder about why reading is important.

Children were able to meet one of their favorite cartoon superheroes, Super Why, Thursday morning at the Jackson-Madison County Library.

“There were kids of all ages here, and it was amazing to see how their eyes lit up when it was their turn to go up,” Children’s Librarian Jennifer Kilburn said. “We’re so grateful to WJLT, the PBS station, for bringing Super Why here for us. It was a huge turnout, so kids are big fans. They were pretty starstruck.”

Super Why is a fictional superhero whose mission is to inspire children to develop a love of reading and books, and many of the children were excited to meet him.

“I liked having fun with Super Why,” 3-year-old Jackson Ramey said.

“It’s a pretty wet day, and like this is a good way to enjoy it,” 9-year-old Larry Milam said.

Milam came with his grandmother Karen Lenard. Lenard says trips to the library summer program are a family tradition.

“His older sister Abby was with us 10 years ago, and it was exciting for her too,” Lenard said. “And when I told Larry that we were going to see Super Why, he was so excited.”

Not only was the event a great way for children to spend their time on a rainy late spring day, but also as a way to help instill the importance of reading.

“It’s a good program, too. Anything to get kids reading more is always a good thing,” Lenard said.

“With them we’re just trying to instill in them a love of learning and a love of books that can hopefully last for their lifetime,” Kilburn said.

Kilburn says the library holds programs every Friday morning, and they have plans for other PBS-related events next month.

For more information about their summer programs, make sure to visit their Facebook page and the Jackson-Madison County Library website for more.

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