‘Taste of Congo’ brings Congolese culture to West Tennessee

WEST JACKSON, Tenn. – The West Jackson Baptist Church was the site of the 10th annual “Taste of Congo” event, run by Motema Ministries.

For the past decade, Motema Ministries has sought to help people in the Congo find a source of income.

“We do a lot of work to help people in the communities, young women especially, to get training–vocational training. We run a sewing school, and kind of help them get professional skills,” said Ngofen Mputuwele, Chair of the Board for Motema Ministries.

Mputuwele and his mother started the ministry after a trip to the Congo in 2009.

Tonight’s festivities gave Jackson residents a look at life in the Congo.

“Basically you get an immersive experience of the Congo in one night. Food, music, clothing, there’s a fashion show,” said Mputuwele.

All proceeds raised from the food and the available clothes went to Motema Ministries.

Mputuwele was raised in Jackson, and he says the community support has impressed him for the past 10 years.

“Really just people from all over, from west Jackson at this church, and also other parts of the community, just come every year to support the work…when you’re working by yourself, you can kind of lose sight of what you’re working on. But when you’re working together, it kind of gives you the energy and strength to keep on pressing forward with the goal,” said Mputuwele.

In addition to the vocational training, students are mentored by the ministry’s staff.

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