West Tennesseans take advantage of ‘Free Fishing Day’

JACKSON, Tenn. –

Hundreds of people and kids gathered at the pond in Muse Park to participate in the Jackson-Madison County ‘Youth Fishing Rodeo’.

Tony Ragland, Program Director with Madison County Parks and Recreation said they do this every year for the kids.

“Get them out of the house, learn stuff in nature and put down the video games and have fun with their families,” said Ragland.

The kids enjoyed every minute of it.

“Not a lot of kids know how to fish. They know how to play games and stuff so it’s a good way to interact with your family,” said some of the children at the event.

Terri Wood said it’s her and her son’s first time being a part of this event and says she looks forward to it every year.

“It’s great,” said Wood. There is multiple families here and it looks like everyone is having a great time.”Woods said.

“There’s a good crowd and a lot of people. It seems like everyone is catching fish. I just hope they continue this because everyone is having a good time,” said attendee, Chris Moore.

“It’s a good thing to get the family together and get them out of the house to do things like this other than going to the movies or doing other things that cost money because everything here is free. Just have a good time outside,” said Ragland.

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