Local man inspired by late boxing coach promotes summer camp

JACKSON, Tenn. – Rayford Collins inspired one of his former boxing students to live a better life.

Collins coached Lamont Ingram, who is now the head boxing coach at Team Ingram’s Rayford Collins Jackson Boxing Club. The club was named after Collins, who died in 2016.

“Boxing saved my life. I was a very troubled kid. I had anger problems. I was bullied from the 6th grade to the 10th grade. I was in alternative school and to the 10th grade,” Ingram said.

“My coach, Rayford Collins, was like a father figure to me,” said Ingram. “He taught me a lot of respect, discipline and sportsmanship. One thing about boxing is it teaches those things, teaches you respect. it teaches you determination, and it teaches you discipline which is something I did not have.”

Collins was in the Hall of Fame and an Olympic head coach. Ingram hopes to inspire students in his summer camp just like Collins did.

“My coach has done so much for me. Not saying that I can carry his dream or carry his legacy because it is too big for me but guess what his legacy has become my legacy so I can carry it with the help of God,” said Ingram.

Ingram says the program  can teach kids of all ages the skills they need to get through in life.

“I am thankful for the opportunity and for the opportunity to be able to be brought up in boxing,” said Ingram.

For those interested in signing up for this camp or learning more on the boxing program, you can call (731) 431-2603 for more information on how you can register.

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