Hundreds of teens come to Union University for Fuge Camp

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hundreds of students are at Union University this week for Fuge Camp.

“This is the camp that consistently points our students to Jesus, and helps them learn how to live life for Jesus on a daily basis,” David Hutto, a student pastor, said.

Each day the campers start off their day playing games with their Bible study group.

Directors say the games might look like the campers are just having fun, but they pick them for a reason.

The point of the games the campers play is to help them debrief. Those games go right back to the Gospel. 

Hutto has been coming to Fuge Camp for more than 30 years. He says he’s seen how this camp changes teens long after they’ve left.

“They have grown in their faith to the point they apply their faith to their everyday life, and they become missionaries and disciples for Christ,” Hutto said.

Over the course of the summer, 5,000 students will come to Union University for Fuge Camp. This is just one of 23 Fuge camps happening across the country all summer long.

“I think my biggest hope is life change,” Andrew Forque said. “They come and leave behind their old self and chase after Christ. They leave changed.”

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