State officials tour Madison-Haywood Developmental Services

JACKSON, Tenn. — State leaders make a special stop in Jackson to see how one center is helping people with disabilities.

“As a father of a daughter with intellectual and developmental disabilities, it’s important for me that we continue to figure out ways to support those types of communities in the state of Tennessee,” Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Commissioner Brad Turner said.

Turner, Sen. Ed Jackson, Rep. Johnny Shaw, and Rep. Chris Todd spoke with clients of Madison-Haywood Developmental Services to hear about how the center is helping them.

“It’s important to see the individuals we support as well and hear from them to make sure that what we’re doing is not only in line with our department vision and mission is but also what the individuals who we’re supporting want to do with their own lives,” Turner said.

Commissioner Turner says it’s important for individuals with disabilities to have access to technology that may help them in their day-to-day lives.

“It really gives them a sense of independence to do some of the things in the past they may not have been able to do,” Turner said. “Technology is allowing them to live the way they want to live in their own life and the sort of freedom we enjoy every day.”

Madison-Haywood has different types of enabling technology, including sensors that alert if a stove is left on, security cameras, and Alexa smart devices, to help clients in their everyday lives.

“Madison-Haywood has helped take the lead around that, and so we wanted to come and see what they were doing and visit some of the individuals,” Turner said.

Madison-Haywood Developmental Services is partnered with the Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities to provide the technology.

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