What’s New Wednesday: Saucy Jakes

You may have already been to the food truck in North Jackson. Well now, there is a new restaurant location in East Jackson.

Husband and wife, Jacob and Regina Richmond, run Saucy Jake’s Street Food in East Jackson. It just opened June 1st.

“She’s ‘Saucy’ and I’m Jake,” said owner of Saucy Jakes’s, Jacob Richmond. “I’m committed,” he says as he points to his ‘ Saucy Jakes’s’ tattoo on his arm.

“I’m the boss,” Regina Richmond jokes.

It’s a family run business. The Richmond daughters work the cash register and their son helps cook.

“My dad taught me everything he knows,” said their son, 13 year-old Jacob Richard Jr. “I can be here working with my family all the time.”

They make wings, egg-rolls, loaded fries, and deep fried ribs with homemade sauces.

“It’s a little bit of street food, Chicago food, just from the hood, a little hood food,” Regina laughs.

And customers can’t get enough!

“I go here twice a week. All the seasonings and sauces set your taste buds on fire,” says loyal customer, Jamal Rucker.

Some customers travel from afar.

“I came all the way from Humboldt. She’s like, ‘girl, were going together’ so, she got me up early this morning!” says Jackie Ivory, customer.

“The food is so good. It is off the chain,” said Lisa McCutchem.

If you love Saucy Jake’s, just wait, 13-year-old Jacob plans to have his own food truck in a few years.

“By the time I turn 16, I want make my own food truck, like a gourmet food truck that serves food from all over the world,” said Jacob.

And the Richmond family says they will be right by his side.

“It’s just being around people and loving family and loving food,” said Regina.

Saucy Jake’s new location is located at 936 Campbell.

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