What’s New Wednesday: Papa Daddy’s

In Mercer, Tennessee, the population is 659. You’ll find a church, some vacant buildings and a brand new restaurant that’s only been open for 2 weeks.

“My daddy always like to come to a country kitchen and drink coffee and stuff. The community needed something to go to. We didn’t have anything here,” said Angie Upton who opened “Papa Daddy’s” restaurant. It’s named after her Dad who passed away.

“He would have loved this place. I know he is smiling,” said Upton.

The restaurant is inside a building Upton says was originally built in 1892.

“The paintings on the wall are great dads and granddads to my kids and grandkids. This place use to be a mailshop and sold empty caskets,” said Upton.

They serve pizza, burgers, salads, and desserts.

People living in Mercer are already loving it!

“It’s exciting because normally you have to drive to Jackson or Bolivar, but now you can come as you are because they don’t care,” laughs customer, Kim Steanfield.

“We want to show them Jesus and send them a smile and send them on their way with a full stomach,” says Upton.

Friday and Saturday, Papa Daddy’s has a rib-eye and prime rib special from 5-9 p.m.

Papa Daddy’s is located at 1704 Highway 138 in Mercer, Tennessee.

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