What’s New Wednesday: Jordan’s Grab ‘N Go

DYERSBURG, Tenn.-A mom and pop style convenience store specializing in quick service food, like pizza, pretzels and delicious Gelato in Dyersburg opened just six-months ago.

Owner Christine Coronado named Jordan’s Grab ‘N Go after her daughter.

“I have a special needs daughter. She is 22-years-old. She is not able to function where she can go out and speak or do the things you need to do to get a job. Jordan has severe level Autism. It is on the spectrum. Jordan is extremely severe. We just wanted something for my daughter to do. I can’t have her sit at home watching 16 hours a day,” said Coronado.

Jordan helps with cleaning and shopping for groceries for the store. Coronado says she accepts people from all walks of life to work there, including people with special needs.

“As a disabled person myself, it really is nice to see someone else supporting their family. Disabled people have a hard time getting jobs and places like this really help them reconnect with their community by giving them things to do, ways to get out of the house, make money, and become part of a greater community than just staying at home,” said Jordan’s Grab ‘N Go worker, Abigail Boyd.

Jordan’s Grab ‘N Go is special place that fills your stomach and warms your heart.

“When we had the grand opening, I cried like a baby. It’s a dream come true. It really is,” said Coronado, holding back tears.

Jordan’s Grab ‘N Go is located at 1809 St. John Avenue in Dyersburg.

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