Jackson Red Cross volunteers act in anticipation of Tropical Storm Barry

JACKSON, Tenn. — First responders in Hub City are heading south in anticipation of a tropical storm.

American Red Cross volunteers from Jackson will be traveling to Baton Rouge, Louisiana as Tropical Storm Barry is expected to come ashore this weekend.

The slow moving storm is expected to bring heavy rainfall and flash flooding to the area.

The volunteers will be stationed at a hurricane evacuation shelter and distributing supplies where needed.

There will be four people leaving out Friday, but volunteers say there is always a need for more help.

“Red Cross is going to cover all the expenses as long as you can go through some training coursers and pass the background check. The only thing you’re responsible for is getting to and from the airport,” said Tyler Duke, a Red Cross volunteer.

To assist the Red Cross, you must officially go through the organization in order to receive expense coverage.

The volunteers are expected to stay in Louisiana for two weeks.

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