Plant lovers gather for 30th Summer Celebration Lawn & Garden Show

JACKSON, Tenn. — UT Gardens Jackson brings back the Summer Celebration Lawn & Garden Show for its 30th year.

“People can come here and see what does well, learn from the speakers, and make really smart decisions with their money as they try to improve their home, lawn and garden,” said Ginger Rowsey, communications specialist with the UT Institute of Agriculture.

Starting at 8 a.m. Thursday, experienced and new gardeners alike showed up at the AgResearch and Education Center in Jackson to learn more about gardening and add to their own garden.

“The fun thing about coming here is you see plants that are more unusual than other places,” Kevin Wood, a master gardener, said.

Wood says one of the best parts of the lawn and garden show is the plants are tested in West Tennessee, so he knows they’ll grow.

“Growing plants help everyone on the planet, so that’s a good thing,” Wood said. “I think one of the really great things about coming here is the gardens, so you can see what it will look like in full maturity.”

Margaret and Jim Muller drove four hours from Alabama to come to the lawn and garden show.

“[It] makes your home so beautiful to have plants around,” Margaret Mullen, a master gardener, said. “You can have your own little garden and enjoy flowers because they make you happy.”

Master gardeners say events like the lawn and garden show help them and others realize how important it is to keep plants healthy to keep the world balanced.

“Living with plants — they provide the oxygen, we provide the carbon dioxide — and so it’s just a cycle that goes around, and we have to take care of the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom,” Neil Spangler, a master gardener, said.

Officials say they expect around 2,000 people at the Summer Celebration this year.

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