“Jeans and Jazz” event brings community together for fun, relaxation

JACKSON, Tenn. — Community members gathered for a night of comedy and relaxation.

It’s all for the monthly “Jeans and Jazz” event in downtown Jackson at “The 903.”

Guests played dominoes and cards along with listening to Jazz music and comedy from special guest Pecolia Rose, a comedian from Texas.

They also enjoyed fellowship and all you-can-drink sweet tea on-the-house.

“It warms my heart we’ve both been kind of back and forth,” said Lydia Love-Adams, with “Jeans and Jazz.”

“We have been jittery all day ’cause when you can do something with your friends in it and they drove all the way here for this evening, it makes me feel warm inside and makes me feel blessed,” Love-Adams said.

Organizers say they also have game nights at “The 903.”

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