Multiplying Good: Dottie Gaines

Everyday of the week you’ll find Dottie Gaines packing lunches at Helping Hand of Humboldt.

“We have 35  to 40 people that we serve everyday,” said Gaines.

She has volunteered for the past 14-15 years.

“I don’t do it for no recognition. I do it because it makes me feel good. I get nothing out of it,” said Gaines.

When she found out her son-in-law nominated her for the “Multiplying Good” award, she just had one thing to say.

“I’m going to get him!” Gaines laughs.

Dottie’s good deeds don’t end there. She has also assisted people in hospice care for 10 years.
She even helped her friend, Emma Lindsey’s, mother when she was in hospice.

“It’s in her nature to reach out to people and help,” said Lindsey.

“I really don’t want to cry. I don’t do it for no money, no fame, no fortune and it’s a good thing.” said Gaines.


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