Milan participates in Battle of Badges for great cause

MILAN, Tenn. — The red and blue in Milan are battling it out for a great cause.

The police and fire departments held a competition to see who could donate the most blood.

The departments hyped up the competition on Facebook with a promo and some memes to encourage people to come out.

Lifeline Blood Services parked at City Hall for part of the day.

Donors came out to participate, and they got free shirts.

Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers encouraged everyone to come out and donate, no matter who you vote for.

“We never know if, for me, if one of my officers gets hurt or one of my officer’s family members gets hurt, I want to know that there’s a sufficient blood supply to help them,” Sellers said.

Three firefighters and three officers represent each side, and the winners get to pie the losers in the face.

At the last check, the police department is smoking out the fire department at 42 to 24.

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