Huntingdon locking down the basics in preparation for a playoff run

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — The Huntingdon Mustangs are a revered team throughout Class A football.

They’re one of the few teams around the area that operate under a Wing-T system, and they run it to perfection. The Mustangs didn’t just perform well offense last season, they dominated. Huntingdon put up 40 or more points in every game, except one – the loss to Cornersville in the state quarterfinals.

Over the past two years, Huntingdon has only lost 2 games, both to the same team and both in the postseason. So with 18 seniors on his roster eager to put and end to this trend, head coach Eric Swenson explains that the keys to putting together a run late in the year starts with getting stronger in the weight room and on the offensive line.

The Mustangs continue to work on the fundamentals this summer, leading up to their appearance at the Lexington Jamboree on August 16.