Indicted medical professionals return to court

JACKSON, Tenn.– In April, a dozen medical professionals were indicted on various drug conspiracy charges.

On Wednesday morning, local nurse practitioner Britney Petway, her supervising physician Dr. Charles Alston and Dr. Andrew Rudin, the former supervising physician for Jeff Young, are all expected to appear in federal in court again.

Petway has requested to have the conditions of her release modified.

Alston also requested to have his release modified so he could prescribe medications, which he is not currently able to prescribe to patients.

Rudin asked to have his charges completely dropped against him due to allegations that the government has not provided enough evidence to prove he was apart of a drug conspiracy involving Young.

Both Dr. Alston and Dr. Rudin want to have separate indictments from their nurse practitioners

Petway, Dr. Alston and Dr. Rudin will appear in court Wednesday at 9 a.m.

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