Indicted medical professionals file motions in federal court

JACKSON, Tenn. – It was at Superior Health and Wellness Clinic in South Jackson where Dr. Charles Alston was the supervising physician for nurse practitioner Britney Petway. Petway is alleged to have issued prescriptions for controlled substances without legitimate medical reason.

Both were indicted back in April, due to a government investigation into the opioid crisis.

Lawyers for both Alston and Petway were in court on Wednesday, and they wanted to know the number of files the government seized from the clinic, which they say could change their argument.

The lawyers say that calling it a “pain clinic” may be misleading, especially if the government only looked at a small number of documents.

The government said they had around 80 files, but they could not confirm if those were the only files investigators looked at. Judge Daniel Breen gave the government until the end of the week to confirm.

Dr. Andrew Rudin’s lawyer called in to the court room as well. He filed three motions on August 12. Two were motions to dismiss the indictments against Rudin. The third was a motion to separate his case from Jeff Young’s and Dr. Alexander Alperovich’s.

Rudin’s attorney claims the government has not provided enough evidence to prove their claims.

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