Multiplying Good: Dale Childress

Dale Childress’ life was turned upside down after he was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2007.

“It’s a very lonely battle not a lot of people see.  Behind a lot of smiling faces are wounded souls,” says Dale.

Dale has made it his mission to help those wounded souls with handwritten messages.

“Handwritten messages, they’re not all alike,” says Dale as he writes on a Styrofoam white box. He reads, “you are always one decision away from a total different life.”

He writes the messages inside the to-go boxes of cupcakes or other treats at Woodstock Bake Shop, a place Dale’s son, Matt, opened in Jackson.

“Really, when we first started, I just put ‘hope you have a nice day,’ and then he could come on his lunch break and add a lot more to it and it just took off from there. Everyone wanted his messages!” said Matt Childress, Dale’s son.

“Matt said ‘Dad, people like those quotes, you are going to have to keep doing them!’ Our motto is we inspire lives one box at a time,” said Dale.

They also allow everyone to spread positivity on the walls of the bake shop. He and his Aunt Cheri Childress started a “Living A Dream” foundation which helps raise money for other people who receive the dreaded cancer diagnosis.

“It’s important people see this book, A Reason for Hope, because life is a reason for hope,” said Dale. He and Cheri donate these books for free.

“He is the guy that could be sitting at home sorry for himself, but he never ever is through any of this.  These messages are so special because people don’t get those type of messages today, it’s a text or something not as personal,” said Cheri Childress, Dale’s aunt.

Whether its a short message or a smile, Dale writes “stay strong your story isn’t over yet.”

“Always be kind and smile. You are always going to lift people higher than they are,” said Dale.

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