What’s New Wednesday: Golden Years Adult Daycare

Golden Years Adult Daycare on Carriage House Drive in North Jackson is where senior citizens can do activities that help with mobility, cognitive, and speaking skills, but it isn’t a nursing home.

“This is a place for senior citizens. It is a safe haven for those who can’t be left home alone. We provide socialization, recreation and education. We hope to delay them being institutionalized,” said owner of Golden Years Adult Daycare, Brenda Douglas.

It’s a place for senior citizens to have some fun, make new friends and feel loved.

“I can’t talk. I had a stroke last year, but I’m doing pretty good now,” said Betty Mosley, member at Golden Years.

“It helps to have somebody to love you and to have somebody pay attention to you,” said Cynthia James, worker at Golden Years Adult Daycare.

Caregivers say it provides some stress relief as well.

“It’s important to take care of our loved ones, period,” said Douglas.

“You can talk, you can eat, you can laugh. It’s just really good,” said Mosley.

Golden Years Adult Daycare is located at 155 Carriage House Drive in North Jackson. They will have an open house Friday from 1-3 p.m.

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