Humboldt school uses murals to inspire students

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — A local elementary school is finding a colorful way to improve its campus.

“How can we make this a better place? How can we make this a happy place?” Brittanie Doaks, Principal at East Elementary in Humboldt, asked about her school.

How about murals?

East Elementary School in Humboldt is sprucing up their hallways with new paintings.

“They add so much excitement and love,” said school counselor Misty Lewis. “They can see instead of us just telling them all the time, they can pass it and see, and they’ll pass it and feel good when they come and see those things.”

The art teacher, Jaquelynn Blackmon, was given some inspiration and painted this mural to incorporate many things kids will see every day.

“When you see something like this, it lights something in them, and it’s on the library wall so the letters are the books they read every day,” Blackmon said.

Doaks says murals like these make school a fun place to be and make everyone excited to be there.

But, it’s not just the hallways getting a makeover.

“They came in and painted our stalls, for our girls with some really motivational quotes to lift each other up, not tear each other down,” Doaks said.

Heart of Whimsy, a nonprofit organization, came in and painted the stalls.

The stalls took about a day, and the other paintings took about a week.

“It affects their mood, how they perform; it overall impacts them in a positive way, it impacts their teachers,” Doaks said. “So happy teachers, happy students, happy schools.”

The girls’ bathroom also has inspirational quotes painted on its walls, thanks to Heart of Whimsy.

Next month, Woodmen Life will come to the school to paint inspirational quotes on the boys’ bathroom stalls.

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