Milan citizens catch burglary suspect under the influence

MILAN, Tenn. — Milan Police say neighbors chased a man under the influence of several drugs after he attempted to commit a crime.

Brentwood-Meadowbrook homeowners in Milan woke to their dog barking, which spiraled into an unfortunate series of events Monday morning.

“We got a report from a citizen, the homeowner, in that affected neighborhood that they had caught somebody inside their vehicle in their garage,” Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers said.

The homeowners found 40-year-old Danny Watts in their garage after their dog woke them.

Watts ran and was chased down the street. Neighbors jumped in to help.

“When the responding officers got there, a couple of our citizens had caught the guy, confronted him, and was holding him until the patrol officers could get there, put cuffs on him, and make an arrest,” Sellers said.

Milan Police say Watts admits to what he did on police body camera video.

No one was injured during the confrontation.

The incident report does not mention anyone using a weapon.

“He did have some property that was taken out of a vehicle that belonged to one of the homeowners,” Sellers said. “He had that in his possession when the patrol officers got there.”

The report says Watts took a wallet and some loose cash from the homeowners.

Milan Police say Watts admitted to using methamphetamine and marijuana, while also drinking alcohol.

Watts was taken to the emergency room, then to the Milan Police Department.

“He’s been charged with several counts of auto burglary and trespassing, and related charges,” Sellers said.

The homeowners’ information was redacted in the police report for their safety.

Watts is scheduled to appear in court Aug. 28 at 9 a.m.

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