Fest brings out families from all over Hub City

JACKSON, Tenn. — Hundreds of families from all over Hub City gathered Saturday to attend a fun and educational event.

Ayers Children’s Medical Center, the West Tennessee’s Women’s Center, and the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt hosted the Baby and Kids Fest of 2019 at the Jackson fairgrounds Saturday.

“We are here to celebrate women and children and their families,” said Lynda Snider, community educator of West Tennessee’s Women’s Center.

The fest is an educational event for children of all ages as well as their parents, expectant parents and the community.

“We have been so impressed,” said parent Courtney Reedy. “We came here just thinking it was a NICU reunion and brought our oldest daughter, too. She is four, and we have just had the best time.”

“We just had a great time today,” said parent Brandon Reedy. “If you can tell here, the unicorn face paint, she took her teddy bear to the clinic, got an x-ray and a shot so it’s just been a wonderful experience.”

Kids also attended the Teddy Bear Clinic. The Teddy Bear Clinic is a fun-filled interactive medical clinic designed for children to help alleviate fears of going to the doctor and hospital.

“The child can bring their stuffed animal, or we will provide one, and they go around the stations and learn what it’s like to be in the hospital medical clinic,” Snider said.

“Numerous healthcare offerings that are in Jackson and West Tennessee,” said Reedy. “A lot of times you don’t really hear much about this stuff unless you come out and experience something like this.”

Those in attendance gained knowledge about children’s health and safety, information on healthy pregnancies and a list of resources that are available in West Tennessee communities.

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